Those who have an interest for Yoga techniques probably know that Yoga instructors recommend to try Yoga live and not to experience it by reading a book. But, if you are not prepared or you don’t have enough time for a live class, expert teachers from Arawella Corporation have a solution: All-in Yoga HD iPad App, which will help you to obtain a healthy body and a healthy mind. And, if you haven’t thought to practice Yoga until now, just think to your noisy neighbors, working hours, busy streets, infernal traffic and how these affect you on a long term…are you still sure that you don’t want to try it? In this Yoga app you will find techniques for proper relaxation, meditation, breathing, stress relief and exercising.

With All-in Yoga HD iPad App you will enjoy great features like:

  • User-friendly layout –you will quickly search in the app thanks to its easy-to-use interface. You will be helped by a special algorithm when you want to decide what program fits to you. It takes into account your level of experience, limits of time and goals. In order to have a more accessible Yoga routine, all poses have a translation from Sanskrit.
  • Generous content – arranged alphabetically or according to level and type, with instructions given as text, voice and visual, more than 200 poses are available in this Yoga app. You will find poses for both beginners and experienced yogis. You’ll have a timer which shows how long you are expected to hold the position.
  • A system of program selection with 4 stages –to get some basics, you should try Beginner stage and then progress to Intermediate, Advanced and, finally, Guru. You will surely find something for your Yoga stage, which fits to your abilities and goals.
  • 3 Yoga modes of program selection –choose between Sun Salutation, Bala or Shakti Yoga and find which of them suits better to you. Custom workouts can be created or have a compiled workout taking into consideration your goals and parameters.
  • Great Yoga tunes –the Yoga tunes of this app will relax, inspire and get you tuned into the practice. They will also bring you the sentiment of peace and balance.

Now you know how to use your iPad tablet as a great device for learning and practicing Yoga techniques. Being one of the best Yoga apps, All-in Yoga HD iPad App surely worth to pay for it $3.99. It is available in app store.