The developers Qrayon released a great iPad app that transforms your tablet into a digital whiteboard. Simple to use, Air Sketch is an essential presentation tool and also a teaching one.

Any screen connected to a HTML 5 web browser (like computer monitor, projector, large flatscreen) can be turned into a wireless whiteboard. For doing this, your WiFi network connection must be the same as the receiving device. With Air Sketch, anything you draw or write on your iPad tablet will appear immediately on the browser. Now you are able to present your ideas in real-time and you don’t need any services to subscribe to or additional client software. All you have to do is to connect your screen to a projector and begin to write down your ideas. If you want to cooperate with others, you can pass your tablet around.

The utility of this iPad app is endless: business people for presentations, teachers in class, lecturers for their students or students for their projects. Your .PDF documents can be clearly annotated in real time.

Looking at Air Sketch iPad app as at a drawing one, you will discover that it has some things to offer:  pencil lines, markers, pens and highlighter styles. Don’t worry about mistakes, options like redo and undo are waiting to be used. Unfortunately, you will find no text input or shapes. You can insert .PDF documents or photos and also you can save screens in your photo album.  If you want to show your work to your friends, you are allowed to email them.

Another characteristic, which works well, is referring to the ability to pan and zoom. On the iPad end, you can zoom in and out as much as you want; the image on the receiving screen will continue to be zoomed out. This is a very good feature because your handwritings and drawings will be more detailed and the final result won’t give a headache to anyone because of all panning and zooming.

Air Sketch is that kind of app that you suppose to be unstable to use and very difficult to set up. Fortunately it is not! If, after reading those lines, you believe that Air Sketch is an Essential Presentation Tool, then you’ll have to look for it on the app store. You can have it for $9.99.  Even if Air Sketch iPad app is not the cheapest iSO app, it deserves the money!