Those who use a second display monitor know how hard is to return and use just one. For this category of people and for those who have not tried yet the experience of a second monitor but are interested in trying it, Air Display iPad App is the solution. Assisted by WiFi, this great app makes your iPad to become an extra display. The developers of Air Sharring apps for iPad and iPhone,  Avatron Software, developed this app and, fortunately, they didn’t stop here and they brought on market Air Display iPad App Update for your iPad.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of the Air Dispaly iPad App, you need to know that you will have to own, in addition of this app, the Air Display desktop. On your Mac, a system preference pane is installed by the aid of the software. Except the connection through WiFi, the display connection can be generated by using a connection made ad hoc. After you activated it, on your iPad will appear the same background wallpaper that you have on your external monitor. If you want, you can even choose to replace this wallpaper with another one when you use your iPad as a monitor. By accessing the Apple System Preference, you will be able to adjust your iPad monitor on your own choice. A nice monitor setup can be discovered if you choose to use Spaces…your iPad will become a separate display for each individual space.

Even if the quality is not the same as in viewing, when is connected Air Display iPad App gives you the opportunity to enjoy Flash video on your iPad. Also, mouse abilities should be reminded with the screen refresh rate that performs with no noticeable hesitation regarding mouse performances. Now, switching orientation works well because the developers succeeded in eliminating the initial bugs. So, you can enjoy portrait mode as well as landscape mode without problems.

In order to boost your productivity, Air Display iPAd can help you even if you are in a journey, at a business meeting or anywhere else. If you want to have this app on your Air Display iPad App Update then you will have to pay $9.99 on the app store.  It is your choose to buy it or not because, besides all good aspects, you have to keep in mind that not all workflows are adaptable to this iPad app.