Realizing that more and more people are using online space for business and this thing requires signing documents, Abdobe has released Adobe EchoSign for iPad in order to help you increase the productivity and consolidate your business processes.

Now, thanks to this Adobe iPad app, you can:

  • Have a signed document in several minutes after you sent it for legally binding e-signature…now you can get it in few moments, not in days;
  • Transmit your documents from an email attachment, EchoSign library, photo album or other apps;
  • Have instantly signed documents on your tablet if you meet a signer;
  • Inspect your signed papers when you go to your EchoSign account;
  • Track the progress of a document thanks to real-time status updates;
  • Enjoy protection during the signing operation even if you are the signer or the sender. On this line, this Adobe iPad app offers fraud protection, key authentication, costumer disclosure and privacy. Adobe gives us the guarantee that the same protection that is offered for Adobe EchoSignb Web is now available for Adobe EchoSign for iPad.

Being a free app, you can try it…there is nothing to lose. All you have to do is to search for Adobe EchoSign for iPad on the Apple iTunes store.