A great note taking iPad app was recently released. Called 7Notes HD, this app is a smart writing tool and is about handwriting recognition. It can recognize the individual letters but also cursive words written with your finger.  7Notes HD iPad App is a complex one because of its recognition engine which is able to identify any type of handwriting.

When this writing app is unsure of what you want to write, it will give you an optimum match option taking into consideration the context of your work. This app offers a variety of tools which can make your work more interesting: line colors, font sizes, auto scrolling, self learning dictionary and auto saving. 7Notes HD iPad App also helps you to convert the handwritten phrases to text whether is a single word or an entire page.

This iPad handwriting app gives you more options regarding saving your notes. You can save your document as a .PDF or AirPrint, you can export it to Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook and Twitter or to send it via email. This is a great app for those who are not friends with the iPad on-screen keyboard.

Now it’s time to replace the paper and pen and give your  iPad the chance to become the best notepad which you can have with you anytime and anywhere.

You can have and test a free trial version of 7Notes HD iPad App or you can buy the premium version for $8.99. You will find it on app store.