The ipad and ipod truly revolutionised the digital landscape. Apple’s stylish, innovative products changed the way people listened to music, watched video, stored photos and connected to the web. One of their greatest features is the vast number of apps that are available to download so you can personalise your device to suit your needs and preferences. However, below are a few of the apps that everyone should consider downloading.

Photoshop Express
Apple’s devices are great for taking photographs in an instant. Point, click and you’ve captured the moment. Photoshop Express allows you to touch them up before publishing them on the web. Flip, rotate and crop, even out colours and get rid of that annoying red-eye effect easily.

A good writing tool is essential for all iPad and iPod owners, and Pages is one of the best – and coming from Apple themselves, it’s design is perfectly suited to your device. From simple notes made on the go to templates for reports, it serves all your compositional needs, allowing easy import of documents from your mailbox, the web and, now, the Cloud.

The web is a big place; we can all agree on that. And with so much available to view it’s not always easy to find the time to read articles or watch videos when you first come across them. Instapaper is an incredibly useful app that allows you to grab things from the web and store them in a single place so you can read or watch them at your leisure.

One of the first third-party apps to configure itself for ipad’s new retina display system, Tweetbot is also arguably the best portal through which to connect to one of the web’s most popular sites. It offers a crystal clear easy to use interface with Twitter. And if you are online it automatically feeds in updates from your followed tweeters, so you’ll never miss a message again.

Increasingly we are using the web to do our shopping. Consumr is a very handy app that, simply from scanning the barcode of a product, allows you to access comparison sites so you can see where the best deals are to be had, as well as customer reviews so you can get the full picture before parting with your cash. Not only that, it is the first app that integrated with Pinterest, so you can post directly to your boards as you go along.